I emphasize being in your power which means owning who you are, loving and accepting all of yourself.

I am a therapist because I love it, and believe it is what I am meant to do.

Sure I have training, the degrees and license that allow me to work as a therapist but I believe there is much more involved in the therapeutic process than this.  The relationship between client and therapist is essential to success.  It is vital you feel comfortable and safe to freely express yourself during your therapy sessions. 

Again I believe you are your own expert, my role is to help you remember.

As we grow, experience life and meet many types of people the voices of the outside world can get confused with our own inner voice. It can become difficult to decipher which is which and you may begin to wonder, “Who Am I” and “What is my purpose”? Together we can work towards your ability to answer these questions for yourself with certainty and confidence.

I believe everyone has strengths and that each person is essentially their own expert. No one knows you better than yourself!

That being said often people doubt themselves, may struggle with low self-esteem, fear of taking risks or trusting their own feelings (many people describe this as feeling stuck)!

I can help you work through and move past these barriers.

I help people come to a place where they accept who they are and learn to love their whole being.