I was in line at the local coffee shop like many days wearing a purple blouse and pants.

It felt like any old day to me.

As soon as I got to the counter to place my order the barista told me, “Wow that color purple looks really pretty on you”.

For a second I was taken a back.

Clearly I wasn’t expecting that but I remember it felt good.

I thanked her and we chatted a minute more.

As I walked away from the counter I remember continuing to take the feeling with me and to think of the compliment and the exchange that had just occurred between the barista and me.

It felt good, I felt happy, it was nice to have been given a compliment.

It was nice to know that a fellow human being had taken the effort to say something more to me than Hello.

Truly, I felt I had been given a little gift and I was grateful. So when my coffee was ready as I walked out of the coffee shop I had a smile on my face.

It made me contemplate whether I was spreading that type of positivity to others in my daily life.

It has become a simple act that I enjoy doing as it brings others joy as well as me.

It feels good to be noticed.

I could have easily brushed off the compliment but I would have also brushed away the opportunity to feel all those good feelings I felt as a result of taking the compliment in. Society’s message seems to be don’t even stop to take a compliment in but I think the healthier and more pleasurable thing to do is to allow it in.

Some questions for you to ponder, do you allow compliments to sink in or do you brush them off?

Do you give compliments?